“Who is this guy” “What’s a Love Apps?”

Hi my name is Brian Wilkins CEO of Love Apps.  I started this company with 4 partners over 5 years ago. These people have helped guide me through, this crazy start-up process.  I now work with over 30 creative subcontractors, and currently working on 27 active projects.

Some people build physical houses, I build creative projects.

A little back story; I have always wanted to entertain people, and I love video games.  So when I lost my “stable technology job” of 10 years, I said enough is enough.  I want to do, what I love.  This is where the name Love Apps comes from, and why we now create applications for smartphones and other devices.

I have always helped people understand all things creative.  I have had a number of different jobs from entertainment at Disneyland to owning my own clothing company.  I am an entrepreneur at heart…pun intended.

Over my 20 plus years of creative projects managed and startups helped; I find one thing is true.

Most people just want to do, what they think is right. I love to help you get there.

Brian WilkinsOwner & CEO

Please email me with questions, comments, or concerns.  I value everyone’s feedback, as we all learn together.

With love and respect,

Brian Wilkins

This post was originally featured on teamloveapps.com in 2016. Since then Love Apps, LLC has grown and developed from an applications company to a full service marketing firm. Cre@te can now handle all your marketing, digital, apps, and creative needs